For those who want to give back in other ways and as much as possible, I offer my services as a gift. My life is a journey of growth and I share this growth of mine with you, on this site as a means for you yourself to gain benefit. All of my events are generally by donation and I never turn anyone away when I can help.

The idea is, “How am I to know what the value will be to you?” Better let you decide. So, if you would like to make a gift to support me and my work, you may do so by using the button below.

The gift economy is coming back to this planet. I offer my services as a gift those in my community, whether that be family, friends, or those who I have a connection with. I have a belief that because I am giving of the gifts that I came into this life with, and I am living my passions, everything I want will eventually manifest.

Gifting is something that has been around since the beginning of life itself. In the true essence of giving, we freely give something of value to someone that we care for. We do this because we want to and we have no expectation of reciprocity in any particular manner.

The gift economy was the first economy ever on this planet. Everyone comes into this world with unique and special gifts built in and life itself, is a gift. The fact that you made it out of childhood alive (awesome childhood or not), means that people gave to you and cared for you, with no expectation of you paying them back. Before money, we all lived in tightly knit communities where, for the most part, everyone knew everyone, knew what gifts each other had to offer, and knew when someone was in need of something in particular. We all cared for each other, we all shared our abundance with each other, and the concept of scarcity did not exist. 

Money came about when communities started to interact with people outside of their own community. When you do not know someone, you do not know what they need, so therefore money and bartering was created to facilitate the exchange of giving. Today however, in our societies of individualism, beliefs of scarcity and fear of money itself, most live in a self-created world where they are disconnected from true community, the true essence of giving, and the true abundance of life. This is changing. We are reaching a breaking point and more and more people are waking up everyday to the remembrance of the natural abundance of this world.


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