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Integral Theory & Worldview Concepts - Webinar

Integral Theory & Worldview Concepts with Peter Onan & Micki O’Brien M.A.

Are you ready to understand more, your world and the people within it? Are you ready to understand why people believe and act certain ways, why they have certain tendencies to think differently than this or that person, or maybe you?

Would you like to better understand the relationships you have and why certain people seem to ‘rub you a certain way’?

We all live within our own realities in our minds. No two of us are the same, and this is a beautiful thing. Diversity is nature and we humans are incredibly diverse.

This free webinar is an offering to you, to learn more about life and the differences we all have. The intention is to offer you a pathway within your own mind, that creates space for you to let go and to Love even more fully, who you are and the people you choose to have in your life. To go even further and to understand why certain populations are the way they are and choose what they choose.

You are perfect and beautiful just as you are. This is not about changing yourself, this is about understanding where you are as opposed to others in your life, as opposed to others on this planet we all share. And through understandings and frameworks, we allow ourselves to be me more confident, more secure, more at peace with life.

In the grand scheme of It All, does it really matter if person A is here and person B is there? Not really, but if we keep wanting them to be person B when they are really person A, are we really doing ourself a service to want this? What if we can simply let them be who they are. Ah ha! Yes! And for this to be a reality for many of us, we must first understand who we and they are - to have a container, a framework, that can be talked about and shared.

Integral Theory is a theory of how we all move from one stage of development to another, where we fit in the diversity of life and eventually, a tool for developing acceptance for the whole. This webinar is not text-book driven, but rather a more general, easy to access and understand approach to the broader concept of worldviews and how we all have own unique take on life. So really, we will be discussing Integral Theory-ish.

Join Spiritual Teacher & Channeler, Peter Onan and Educational Expert, Micki O’Brien for this special engagement live online.

Micki comes from the world of academia and is an expert in Integral Theory. Peter is an intuitive that channels the energy or ‘channel’ of these expansive concepts on life which he uses daily to help clients better understand their world.

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