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Progressing Into the New Paradigm, with Spiritual Advisor, Peter Onan

  • East West Bookshop 6407 12th Ave NE Seattle, WA, 98115 United States (map)

$15 online or at the door.

We live in an ever evolving world full of diversity. Our planet has moved into a new paradigm where more is possible each day. Many have learned and mastered the old paradigm and now find themselves seeking out the new rule set, the new energetic foundation that we now reside upon, as a means of manifesting what they desire.

You are not broken, you are not flawed. You are a unique expression of all that is and you are an ever evolving and eternal being. It is time to let go of fear. It is time to let go of judgment towards yourself and others. For when we go through the steps, when we clear our karma, clear our baggage, we allow ourselves to shift into a new world, a new way of being.

The new paradigm is centered on non-judgment and pure Love for all that is. Progressing into the new paradigm is why you are here, why you chose this time period to experience this lifetime. Your reality is a mirror to the vibrations inside of you. I am here to offer to you the opportunity of an easier path, to catapult forward, and to let go of what is bogging you down and anchoring you into the old paradigm.

We all have a role in the new paradigm and my role, along with many others, is to bring Unity Consciousness fully into this planet, and to aid and assist in the grand completion of the cycle that is Duality. Through the mastery of my clairaudient abilities, I bring to you the energy of divine consciousness from the perspective of nothing but Love. Join us for this gathering of understandings and energetic clearings of old baggage.