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Crossing the Bridge Into the New Paradigm; a Group Energy Clearing with Spiritual Advisor, Peter Onan

  • Seattle, WA 98103 (map)


Use button below to pay in advance. Green Lake (Seattle) address provided after payment. Contact me with questions.

Are you seeking clarity with relationships in your life? Are you wanting to learn how to play a bigger game? Are you wanting to break free from karmic cycles that prevent you from moving forward? Step into your freedom, gain more clarity and self-empowerment, and perceive your path from a birds eye view more than ever before.

Growing, evolving, and emerging into your next best self is a dance. A dance of letting go of old habits, old ways of being, old ways of perceiving life, and stepping into the new. This dance can be confusing at times and it can be down right scary, but It doesn’t have to be.

It’s human nature to be afraid of the unknown and to stick with what’s known, what’s already understood, and habits we’re accustom to. It’s human nature to repeat patterns we’ve all had throughout our life.

Human nature is changing however, and it is you on the leading edge who is making this happen right here, right now.

Evolving is trying out new ideas, new ways of going about life, new ways of perceiving. We are all evolving each and every day, whether we are consciously directing our evolutionary processes or not. Conscious evolution happens when we consciously choose from the menu of options, how we want to go about our growth and at what pace.

With this gathering, I offer to you the opportunity to take shortcuts and leaps forward on your own path, in your own way. I offer to you the opportunity to be more deeply connected with the source that we all are and to clear what is in your way, what is holding you back from emerging into your next best self.

Through guided meditations, energy work, and channeling of understandings, concepts, and ideas, I hold space for you to take that shortcut you’ve been seeking in your life.

You will receive energetic downloads and activations. You will receive concepts and and understandings to help your mind ease into your evolution with grace. And you will let go of and clear any energies within you that are holding you back from your next steps in life.  

Bring your baggage to the front and be prepared for it to release, transmute, and fade away in a space of love and unity. There will be time for any questions you may have about relationships, work, your purpose, or anything else in your life.

This is a fun and intimate gathering at my beautiful and spacious home
in Green Lake. Light refreshments will be provided. Please contact me at or 206-434-0570 with any questions.

Later Event: April 17
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