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Effectively Communicating & Attracting in the New Paradigm with Spiritual Advisor, Peter Onan

We are in an age of transition. Our planet and all of us on it are evolving at exponential speeds. What was once easy and habit, can now be awkward and hard to accomplish. The tools we’re accustomed to using to communicate and manifest have become old and outdated. Join us for this gathering of connecting to divine universal consciousness and be apart of this co-creation of Love, knowledge, growth, and self-empowerment.

Clearly conveying your intention, getting your point across, as well as reaching your audience in an easy to understand and effective way, is invaluable towards reaching your goals that involve others.

Whether your goal is clear communications with your family and friends, the public, or even yourself, getting in touch with your own energy and what you’re radiating out to the world is invaluable in reaching this goal.

This gathering will focus on communicating in the New Paradigm and the shifts within you that are required in order to fully embrace this new and expanded realm of possibilities. Among other topics, We will discus energetic marketing and attracting your audience to you, getting clear with your intention, and getting out of your own way.

This gathering is for you if want to become consciously aware of what you are energetically communicating and how to fine-tune your energy to support your words or actions.

If you’ve ever walked into a room and been effected by the “vibe” of the room...this gathering is for you. If you are aware of your sensitivities to energies and want to learn tools of self-empowerment as a means of taking back the steering wheel and  consciously directing the show, this gathering is for you.

This is a unique opportunity in a co-creative group setting, to communicate directly with the divine and to receive energetic downloads and upgrades that aid and assist you in your own personal growth and evolution.

Any and all questions will be encouraged. Please write down questions and bring them with you. Being in juicy high vibrational energies tends to make a person forget things that are a part of day to day life.

Our gathering will be this Sunday December 7th from Noon - 3pm at the home of Erin Loman Jeck in Renton, WA.

We will begin with a relaxing and healing meditative journey which will get us all into a high vibration and prepare us for the awesomeness to come. We will then spend the rest of the time playing through conversing with the energy of divine consciousness.

Peter is a Master Channeler and Energy Healer who has spent his entire life preparing for his life's purpose of being a conduit for the divine and to aid in the grand shifts happening on this planet at this time. Click here to learn more about him or to set up a personal or group session.


Saturday December 6th  Noon - 3:00 PM
Renton, WA (address to be supplied at time of RSVP)

$60 suggested donation per person. Pay what resonates with you, in advance by donating below or at the event with cash, check or charge. Email me at { Peter Onan } (no spaces) with questions or to get directions to the event.

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