Self-Empowering The Empath


These notes are intended to be supplemental to the event you attended, and to make sense to those who experienced the event. Because of this, this page is not meant to be shared. Thank you for respecting this.  
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Alignment Trumps All - Your alignment with who you are, with your higher-self, and the you inside that has always been there, trumps all tools, all understanding, everything. You know that you're in alignment because you feel good. Your emotional guidance system is your indicator of where you are. When out of alignment, your alignment is always one step away, we just don't usually realize this is all. Alignment Trumps All and there are countless ways to get yourself back into alignment. This all centers down to what feels good to you and following your bliss.  

Intention is everything - Understanding and implementing this concept will change your reality forever, should you allow it. We are energetic beings, we are consciousness. We are playing a game in a limiting reality by design. This is what we created on purpose to experience this version of ourselves. We cannot understand everything from our current what is and this is by design. When you allow for the magic of life to fill in the gaps, when you trust that your intention is all you need to be successful in declaring what it is that you choose, you set yourself free from trying to figure it all out or to be perfect. You don't need to know all the details. What is your intention? Set your intention and move forward. Example: It is my dominant intention to feel good. ..The hows and the details are left out on purpose, allowing the magic of the universe to give back to you in the most delicious-to-you ways. 

New science on how we learn to become human. From prior to birth, to the age of around seven years old, our brains are likened to a sponge, sponging up our environment, taking on energies, beliefs, "genes", from those around us (family). You can listen to an hour-long talk I recorded on Limiting Beliefs here. You can also research Biologist, Bruce Lipton & Epigenetic to learn more about this expanding field of science.


Use these tools in the moment when you are either inspired to do so or when you notice yourself feeling off balance or feeling that maybe you've taken on some stuff that's not yours.

Is this mine or someone else's? - Ask yourself the question and return-to-sender anything that is not yours. DO NOT judge yourself with this one. You're changing habits that you've probably had since you were a young child. Be Neutral and release.

Vortex Tool - All-purpose tool to clear your space and reset yourself back to you. Visualize a vortex of Love assisting you, holding space for you to shift. The intention is to give to/ have the vortex take from you and your space, any and all energies that are not you, anything you're done with or that which no longer serves you. 

Be an Open Window to Life - Most of us learn unconscious habits of blocking things we have fear towards as children. As an adult this can become troublesome and we may end up unknowingly blocking what we consciously desire. Blocking things through fear creates more momentum in our vibration around the energy of fear and life, through the Law of Attraction, comes back to us with more and more opportunities to experience the energy we're focusing on - fear.

The goal here is to become an Open Window rather than a closed door through fear. At the higher levels of understanding, beyond your individual personality and make-up in this lifetime, You are consciousness. You are everything and when you block certain parts of the whole that is you, you pinch yourself off from your source.

What is the 3-D, physical-world "tell" that you're pinching yourself off from the larger you? Discomfort, pain, fear, depression, anxiety, etc.. Practice being an Open Window to life on a regular basis and before you know it, life will change for you, anxieties and discomforts will fade and you my friend, become a conscious creator of your reality.

Turn Your Antennas Inward  - Everyone experiences some sort of trauma in childhood. It is through these experiences of being confused and not knowing what else to do, not wanting the same experience again, we train our energy, our antennas to be on-guard, looking out for us, radiating the vibration of fear while attempting to protect ourselves. Most times this is done unconsciously as a young child and by doing so we create a habit we carry forward until we self-empower and learn a new way.

NEW way - Your Vibration Trumps All - With these new understandings as an adult, knowing how you create your reality (through your vibrational attitude), you now know, on a conscious level, that all must focus on is following what feels good or rather, tending to your vibrational attitude.