Life is Perfect - You Are Perfect -just the Way You Are

Kitty Love and I in DC

Life really is perfect. And so are you! In fact I don't remember the last time I was worried about anything or anyone. I haven't always been like this. Just five years ago I was on about ten different medications for various western medicine labels such as anxiety, depression, heart dis-ease, thyroid imbalance, cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, blah blah blah. I could go on and on but I wont. My point is that I had pretty much given up on myself and until I decided to choose a different path, it just got worse. But I did choose a different path.

It all started one night in the basement of my apartment building in Washington DC. I was doing laundry and saw a box of books that I psychically knew was left by the former tenant of the place I just moved into. One book out of all of them seemed to be staring at me. I picked it up and read the cover. Creative Visualization "Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life."  I thought wow, this is exactly what I want, took it upstairs with my clean clothes and immediately started reading the book. 

At age twenty eight, this was my self-introduction to energy, the Law of Attraction and much more to come. This was also the beginning of my choosing to filter the channels of information I have had been tuning into since birth. This was a pivotal point in my life and I sought out new ways of being.

Life in DC was awkward to me. I was working a great job and I was on the fast track to becoming the newest Director of my department. I had an apartment just down the street from the National Cathedral, on a hill within sight of my office in Virginia. I was doing better financially than any of my friends my age, but there was something about living in DC I could not handle long term and I had to move. 

While reading my new book I started learning how to create through intent. I used my newfound remembrance to manifest many things to come over the next year. I felt myself being drawn to Seattle so I decided to move. I had no idea how I was going to get George (kitty) and I 2700 miles across the country with no car and no savings, but I knew that if I kept seeing it happen in my mind that somehow it would just work out. Over the following several months I manifested a new super swanky car, a temporary place to live super cheap and a remote contract position with my employer. About nine months later kitty love and I drove off into the sunset towards our new home in the Northwest with much abundance to have fun with along the way.   

Since moving to Seattle my life has dramatically unfolded and bloomed. I learned to trust my intuition and I found myself for the first time. I realized and owned that I am everything in this Universe, which gives me access to every energy possible. You see the thing is that I was entirely too open psychically, picking up just about everything and anything - talk about reasons to have anxiety and depression!!! 

Life really is perfect and if you think otherwise, let me offer you a new perspective. A perspective of Love. You are a beautiful radiant being of light, here co-creating with a physical body. There is no such thing as right or wrong and everything is simply an experience. Be easy on yourself and intend to move forward with ease and grace. You are Love Dear One, let your Love in. 

Psychic Trajectories

Choose Your Own Path

Trajectories are a steppingstone of understanding paths that we have laid out for ourselves prior to coming into this aspect of us. From a larger perspective, we have always been aware of these paths and they are infinite in number. We all have an overarching goal per say, for this aspect of us and there are an infinite number of ways that we can accomplish this goal.

There are an infinite number of trajectories that we can take to experience that which we want to experience. And we are talking about every experience, not just a certain type. 

It used to be that someone psychically open could pick up on a particular trajectory that has a high probability of happening, tune-in to the trajectory and explain the trajectory to the client with high confidence that the trajectory or set of experiences would play out. This is exactly why people like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Sylvia Brown had been successful at predicting so many events that have come to past. However, this is no longer the case. The energy has sped and changed on this planet and solar system and it is no longer possible to predict with high certainty that a set of events or a particular trajectory will play out and become part of your reality.

Every Experience of Yours is a Choice in the Moment

Now, more than ever before on this planet, everything is all about individual choice. What experiences do you wish to manifest into your life? Which of the infinite number of your trajectories do you wish to jump into and create as your reality in this Now moment? What do you wish to be?

The energy has shifted and changed and it continues to do so. There is no psychic on this planet that can tell you with high certainty that you will experience this, that, or the other. This is simply no longer a part of our collective experience and it is all tied into the shifts of moving further into the fifth dimension.

I can pick up on a possible trajectory of yours and I can tell you all about it. I can tell you how it feels, how it smells, how it tastes, seriously, but this does not mean much because in an instant this trajectory can dramatically shift and change by you simply thinking or choosing something different. 

Everything is a Choice and it is Through these Choices in the Moment that we Manifest our Reality

You are the director of your experiences, your life, and your relationships. You are an eternal creator being, infinite in your power. You have within you, everything that you will ever need, want, or desire. Seek within to find your answers. Thumb through your catalogue of trajectories and decide for yourself what it is that You wish to experience.

There are many many tools in this life that you can use to create what it is that you want. The idea of  there being just one person or soulmate for you in this life that you will experience the "essence of perfection with" is one of these tools. It is a tool of focus, a tool of remembrance of what you can experience if you so choose.

Do not let the tools dictate your experiences. The truth is that you can experience the highest levels connectedness and Love with anyone on this planet if you so choose - we are all one in the same and to put yourself and this other one person in a box is a limiting belief system.

Recognize the tools for what they are - tools and nothing beyond that. You are the creator. Your creations come from You, not the tools.

The Moment You are Wanting Something Outside of Yourself is When You Have Forgotten Who You Are

Remember who you are. You are source energy manifesting itself through light, creating in a physical body. You came into this aspect of you to forget who you are, so that you can experience who you are. You are everything. You are Love. You are God.

Let go of limiting beliefs. Step into your power and consciously choose your experiences each and every moment. Step into your power by finding the emotions of that which you wish to experience, move into these emotions and experience your creations manifest into your reality. 

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