Your State of Being

You have experienced much in what you call your life. You have done much with this life and focused mostly on the doing aspect. This article is about shifting perspective from that of doing to one of Being. What many of you immediately picture in your mind once we bring this up, is meditating quietly on a serene mountain top. Throw this concept in the trash - it will only get in your way while shifting perspective. 

Your state of Being is simply the energies that you choose to access and Be on a continuous basis. You can be running a marathon (doing) and also Being Love in the same moment. Being is not sitting quietly and focusing consciously on what it is that you wish to Be. It is much easier than this. And it should be, life is not difficult and anytime that you perceive it to be such, it is simply because you're choosing, consciously or otherwise, to experience the energies of difficulty or confusion.  

Remove Your Projections & Boxes First

All of you have taken on projections and energies of others throughout your experiencing. Once you have removed all or most of your projections that you've taken on as part of the game of Duality, Being is simply a conscious choice of choosing from an infinite list of options. However, we wish to emphasize how important it is that you release your projections and boxes of limited beliefs and parameters. This is critical because however much you choose to Be the energies of this or that, the projections and boxes muddy your state of Being, and always will so long as you have them. Release your projections. Jump out of your boxes. Remember who you are and regain conscious control  your natural state of the powerful creator being that you are and always have been.   

What is it that You Wish to Be?

What is it that you wish to Be? This is not a complicated question. Do not over-think this. Many on this planet have written about the concept of Being and many have portrayed it to be a complicated, hard to reach state that only the few "enlightened" ones will reach. This is far from the truth. Like much of what is talked about in the box of metaphysics, your state of Being is not a convoluted and mystical woo-woo concept. It is simply the energies that you access on regular basis. Do not over complicate this.

Everything is Energy

Everything, absolutely everything that you perceive to be physical, everything that you perceive to be reality, life, etc., is all energy. And every energy is simply a pin-point on the infinite dial of sound vibrations. You are energy experiencing what you perceive to be life in a physical body. You have not believed this because you have been playing the game of Duality, but you my friend, are powerful beyond your capacity to understand this Now moment. 

You have the ability to choose what energies are part of your state of Being, and what are not. Do you wish to be filthy rich? Choose this energy to Be part of your continuous state of Being. Do you wish to Be happy and full of Joy? Choose this energy and add it to your list of what is your state of Being. It's as easy as that, really.

When choosing what energies to add to your list of your state of Being, keep in mind that there are energies that prevent or are the opposite of what it is that you wish to Be. If you add filthy rich to your list of Being, you should also remove energies that prevent you from Being such. Choose to remove from your list, the energies of fear of abundance, the energies of disbelief, the energies that you're not worthy, the energies that you must Do in order to Be, and any other energy that would prevent or overrule your decision to Be filthy rich. Listen to yourself during this process and go for what feels right to you. 

The Power of Your Intention

Your intention is the most powerful tool that you have. Have you ever known what it is that you mean or intend, but for whatever reason, you just can't seem to put it into words? Of course you have! We all have! Language and words are a box! The english language, as well as every other language on this planet was created as part of Duality to limit communications to a set of parameters. You do not need to put words to every intention you have. Simply access the energy and make it so. Do not over think this. The idea that this is complicated and it must be done a certain way is habit from Duality. 

Make rules with your intention that when you decide to Be one particular energy or another, that this is permanent and this new state of Being follows you throughout all of your Now moments that you consciously experience. This is important. We all jump around from Now moment to Now moment constantly. You want your state of Being to come with you, right?

A Visualization to Grasp the Editing of Your State of Being

See yourself standing in a room where all of the walls are covered with switches. These switches are infinite and each one is a particular energy. This is your control room for your state of Being. What switches are already turned on or off? What switches would you like to change the status of?

Walk through this room and turn on all of the energies that you choose to Be as part of your state of Being. Maybe you will choose to turn on Love, Joy, Happiness, Friends, Clear Communication, Abundance of Money, Calm, Content, Remembrance to Who You Are, Constant Happiness & Fun.

Remember to always think about what other energies that could prevent or get in the way of the switch you just turned on, and turn these off. And intend this to be permanent and follow you throughout your conscious Now moments.  

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Infinite Possibilities


You truly have within you, the power to choose any experience that you desire. We are not talking about manifesting the little stuff, we're talking about everything and anything you can possibly imagine, and beyond. The only requirement is to let go of Duality and the many, many boxes you have jumped into as part of the game of Duality. If you've not done so already, we suggest you read the other articles on Duality before continuing with this article. Specifically the article, Duality & Time. Once you begin your process of letting go of the box of time, you will reach a point where this all makes much more sense.  

Everything is Possible & Everything Exists Now

Absolutely everything that "has" existed, "will" exist, and everything "currently" existing is all happening Now. The concept of past, present, and future are simply an offering of Duality to contain yourself in a box labeled time.  

Absolutely everything, every situation, every outcome, every detail down to to the smallest tiny bit, is happening Now. Everything you have ever thought, imagined, watched in a movie, or read in a book is all happening somewhere in one realm or another in this vast universe. Everything is possible and everything is all happening right Now. 

Take a moment to breath and let this sink in. Focus on feeling the energy of this article, as opposed to trying to figure it out with what you think of as your brain. Your brain will never understand this - your brain is a box of limitations, an offering of Duality. Instead, bring in the energy, bypass your brain and let it go straight to your heart, which will process everything and you will feel the understandings. Do this often during your process of jumping out of boxes of limiting beliefs, and you will find that the energy will slowly work it's way to conscious understandings that make more and more sense to you. Take a break and breath

Now Moments & Different Versions of You

We will now move on to some images that will assist you in expanding your consciousness and understanding of infinite possibilities. See your body standing in the midst of nothingness. You and nothing but You. The You standing in the center represents You in this Now moment. In this Now moment this is who you believe yourself to be. This is the personality, the body, and the lifetime of beliefs that make up what you think is You.

Standing beside you on all sides, is a duplicate, but slightly different you. Each slightly different version of you that stands beside the center of you has one slightly different aspect than the version of you in this Now moment. For example, one slightly different version of You may have a different color of hair, another may have a different opinion of yourself, another may have an abundance of money.

Expand this concept infinitely. Around the center of You in this Now moment is layer after layer after layer of other slightly different versions of You. Which version of You do you choose to pull into this Now moment? The possibilities are absolutely infinite. All that is required is to Be the version that you wish to pull in to this Now moment.  

Again this is a good moment to breath and let the energy sink in before continuing further. 

Sequences of Experiencing


Let us continue to play with more images that will assist you in expanding your consciousness.

See a rubix cube in your mind. You can turn the cube in various different ways creating designs with the colored squares.

You have the ability to choose many various different options as to where the dials and colored sections end up. For anyone that has ever played with a rubix cube, you know the possibilities seem endless.



Now take this image of a rubix and expand it from cube shape to decagon shape. By using the shape of a decagon, the possibilities have expanded greatly. 

Imagine all the various combinations that you can create with this expanded decagon rubix. Now expand this concept infinitely.    

You have the ability to switch around and change the sequences of experiences and combinations of events of what you consciously think of as your life.  

The rubix examples above represent combinations and sequences of possible Now moments. Each moment that you choose a different path the rubix changes its combination and design. Each projection, box, and limited belief that you release creates movement in the rubix. To experience what it is that you truly desire, is to rearrange the combination of the rubix.

Remember, everything is possible and everything exists right Now. To experience what you desire, you simply rearrange the rubix. Use the image of the various different versions of you around the center of what it is you consider yourself to be in this Now moment, as a tool to pull in what it is that you wish to Be and to experience.

Both the image of the various versions of you and the image of the rubix can be used to understand how it is that you jump around from Now moment to Now moment. If time existed, we would call this time travel. If you focus on and desire to be in a world of war and chaos, this is the arrangement of your rubix you will create. If you focus on and desire to be in a world of peace and love, this is the arrangement of your rubix you will create as your Now moments. 

Now Moments in General

Now moments cannot be measured. Measurement is a limiting belief that is an offering as part of Duality. Everyone on this planet has experienced moments that seem to be longer or shorter than what they would expect. Has it not seemed at one point that the line at the grocery store took forever when really it was simply what you call a few minutes? On the flip side of things, has it not seemed as if "time" flew by when you were having fun? Time does not exist. There is only Now.   

You can play with the Now moments and manipulate them as desired. Late for an appointment? Insert more Now moments. Bored at work? Squeeze the Now moments together. The only barrier to you consciously playing with the Now moments like this are the boxes of limiting beliefs around your head. Blow them up. 

Cleaning Up the Trash

There has never been and there never will be such a thing as a line of time. You are not the age that you think you are. Your parents are not older than you and children are not younger than you. Who you are never dies and if you choose to, your experiencing throughout what you call this life, can truly last forever. Death and the concept that you die within a certain range of age, is a limiting box - an offering of Duality. Do you wish to "grow old" or do you wish to "stay young"?

The concept of history is a limiting belief. The more accurate way of describing what you think of as history, is to see a string connecting various Now moments together. The string is completely unnecessary but it is a good stepping stone beyond the line of time concept. The history that you have learned through your schooling is someone else's box, containing various Now moments that the creator of the box wants you to believe. Do you want to be in a box? Or would you prefer to step forward and expand your consciousness? 

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