Your State of Being

You have experienced much in what you call your life. You have done much with this life and focused mostly on the doing aspect. This article is about shifting perspective from that of doing to one of Being. What many of you immediately picture in your mind once we bring this up, is meditating quietly on a serene mountain top. Throw this concept in the trash - it will only get in your way while shifting perspective. 

Your state of Being is simply the energies that you choose to access and Be on a continuous basis. You can be running a marathon (doing) and also Being Love in the same moment. Being is not sitting quietly and focusing consciously on what it is that you wish to Be. It is much easier than this. And it should be, life is not difficult and anytime that you perceive it to be such, it is simply because you're choosing, consciously or otherwise, to experience the energies of difficulty or confusion.  

Remove Your Projections & Boxes First

All of you have taken on projections and energies of others throughout your experiencing. Once you have removed all or most of your projections that you've taken on as part of the game of Duality, Being is simply a conscious choice of choosing from an infinite list of options. However, we wish to emphasize how important it is that you release your projections and boxes of limited beliefs and parameters. This is critical because however much you choose to Be the energies of this or that, the projections and boxes muddy your state of Being, and always will so long as you have them. Release your projections. Jump out of your boxes. Remember who you are and regain conscious control  your natural state of the powerful creator being that you are and always have been.   

What is it that You Wish to Be?

What is it that you wish to Be? This is not a complicated question. Do not over-think this. Many on this planet have written about the concept of Being and many have portrayed it to be a complicated, hard to reach state that only the few "enlightened" ones will reach. This is far from the truth. Like much of what is talked about in the box of metaphysics, your state of Being is not a convoluted and mystical woo-woo concept. It is simply the energies that you access on regular basis. Do not over complicate this.

Everything is Energy

Everything, absolutely everything that you perceive to be physical, everything that you perceive to be reality, life, etc., is all energy. And every energy is simply a pin-point on the infinite dial of sound vibrations. You are energy experiencing what you perceive to be life in a physical body. You have not believed this because you have been playing the game of Duality, but you my friend, are powerful beyond your capacity to understand this Now moment. 

You have the ability to choose what energies are part of your state of Being, and what are not. Do you wish to be filthy rich? Choose this energy to Be part of your continuous state of Being. Do you wish to Be happy and full of Joy? Choose this energy and add it to your list of what is your state of Being. It's as easy as that, really.

When choosing what energies to add to your list of your state of Being, keep in mind that there are energies that prevent or are the opposite of what it is that you wish to Be. If you add filthy rich to your list of Being, you should also remove energies that prevent you from Being such. Choose to remove from your list, the energies of fear of abundance, the energies of disbelief, the energies that you're not worthy, the energies that you must Do in order to Be, and any other energy that would prevent or overrule your decision to Be filthy rich. Listen to yourself during this process and go for what feels right to you. 

The Power of Your Intention

Your intention is the most powerful tool that you have. Have you ever known what it is that you mean or intend, but for whatever reason, you just can't seem to put it into words? Of course you have! We all have! Language and words are a box! The english language, as well as every other language on this planet was created as part of Duality to limit communications to a set of parameters. You do not need to put words to every intention you have. Simply access the energy and make it so. Do not over think this. The idea that this is complicated and it must be done a certain way is habit from Duality. 

Make rules with your intention that when you decide to Be one particular energy or another, that this is permanent and this new state of Being follows you throughout all of your Now moments that you consciously experience. This is important. We all jump around from Now moment to Now moment constantly. You want your state of Being to come with you, right?

A Visualization to Grasp the Editing of Your State of Being

See yourself standing in a room where all of the walls are covered with switches. These switches are infinite and each one is a particular energy. This is your control room for your state of Being. What switches are already turned on or off? What switches would you like to change the status of?

Walk through this room and turn on all of the energies that you choose to Be as part of your state of Being. Maybe you will choose to turn on Love, Joy, Happiness, Friends, Clear Communication, Abundance of Money, Calm, Content, Remembrance to Who You Are, Constant Happiness & Fun.

Remember to always think about what other energies that could prevent or get in the way of the switch you just turned on, and turn these off. And intend this to be permanent and follow you throughout your conscious Now moments.  

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Life is Perfect - You Are Perfect -just the Way You Are

Kitty Love and I in DC

Life really is perfect. And so are you! In fact I don't remember the last time I was worried about anything or anyone. I haven't always been like this. Just five years ago I was on about ten different medications for various western medicine labels such as anxiety, depression, heart dis-ease, thyroid imbalance, cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, blah blah blah. I could go on and on but I wont. My point is that I had pretty much given up on myself and until I decided to choose a different path, it just got worse. But I did choose a different path.

It all started one night in the basement of my apartment building in Washington DC. I was doing laundry and saw a box of books that I psychically knew was left by the former tenant of the place I just moved into. One book out of all of them seemed to be staring at me. I picked it up and read the cover. Creative Visualization "Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life."  I thought wow, this is exactly what I want, took it upstairs with my clean clothes and immediately started reading the book. 

At age twenty eight, this was my self-introduction to energy, the Law of Attraction and much more to come. This was also the beginning of my choosing to filter the channels of information I have had been tuning into since birth. This was a pivotal point in my life and I sought out new ways of being.

Life in DC was awkward to me. I was working a great job and I was on the fast track to becoming the newest Director of my department. I had an apartment just down the street from the National Cathedral, on a hill within sight of my office in Virginia. I was doing better financially than any of my friends my age, but there was something about living in DC I could not handle long term and I had to move. 

While reading my new book I started learning how to create through intent. I used my newfound remembrance to manifest many things to come over the next year. I felt myself being drawn to Seattle so I decided to move. I had no idea how I was going to get George (kitty) and I 2700 miles across the country with no car and no savings, but I knew that if I kept seeing it happen in my mind that somehow it would just work out. Over the following several months I manifested a new super swanky car, a temporary place to live super cheap and a remote contract position with my employer. About nine months later kitty love and I drove off into the sunset towards our new home in the Northwest with much abundance to have fun with along the way.   

Since moving to Seattle my life has dramatically unfolded and bloomed. I learned to trust my intuition and I found myself for the first time. I realized and owned that I am everything in this Universe, which gives me access to every energy possible. You see the thing is that I was entirely too open psychically, picking up just about everything and anything - talk about reasons to have anxiety and depression!!! 

Life really is perfect and if you think otherwise, let me offer you a new perspective. A perspective of Love. You are a beautiful radiant being of light, here co-creating with a physical body. There is no such thing as right or wrong and everything is simply an experience. Be easy on yourself and intend to move forward with ease and grace. You are Love Dear One, let your Love in.