Waking Up to Who You Are: Perception


Everything about what it is that you believe life and yourself to be is simply perception. 

You perceive yourself to be a physical human, in a physical body, with a physical brain. A physical brain with physical synapses and physical neurons firing signals throughout your physical body. 

You live with this perception of physicality for so long that it becomes habit to tune your focus on the physical. You tune your eyes to filter out everything that cannot be explained in physical terms and you perceive your imagination and visions you receive to be just that, a silly imagination gone wild. 

What would you say if I told you that this silly imagination of yours is not what you think? What if I offered to you a shift in perception to see your imagination as real, as you accessing information and knowledge that is not in the physical realm? 

The majority of children come into this life not focused on the physical, but zoomed out, perceiving the larger picture. It is society and the child's family that teach the child to filter and to focus on just the physical. As a society we have agreed that adults have more knowledge and adults perceive life to be only physicality.

It is our environment that trains our eyes. It is our environment that does not accept the channels of voices coming to us. And it is this environment that we, as children, want to conform to in order to participate. In order to get along with society and to play their game. 

Awakening to who you are is a mater of shifting your perspective. Remembering who you are is a matter of zooming out your camera lens, of focusing less on specifics and more on the larger picture. 

In the television series, Star Trek Voyager, the ships doctor dies in the first episode, leaving the crew stranded on the other side of the galaxy with only the emergency medical hologram (or EMH for short). 

They're technology is such that this EMH can perform more efficient medical procedures than most humans, for it is a living encyclopedia of medical knowledge. And the inventor of the EMH created the hologram in his image - they look the same. 

In season 2 episode 3 of the series, the hologram doctor begins to experience physical sensations that he never experienced before. He experiences pain, bleeding, and emotional distraught. How is this possible, he says? For I am a hologram and I am not programmed to experience these physical sensations and emotions. 

The episode goes on and eventually the doctor realizes that he is not a hologram, he is a physical human, the inventor of the EMH. He discovers that the whole time, he was playing in the holodeck, and what he perceived to be months gone by was just six hours. He was playing a game with himself and he forgot who he truly was. He created the virtual simulation of a star ship and its crew and his role of the game was to be the EMH. 

In the show, they call this experience, Hollo Transference Dementia Syndrome. Where a human becomes so addicted to the holodeck, the fantasy reality, that they perceive themselves to be part of the game, part of the holodeck simulation. It is only until an engineer programs the holodeck to project an image of himself into this fantasy world and interacts with the doctor, that he begins to accept that he is not a hologram and he is himself, the creator, that has simply become attached to his game.

What I have to offer to you is that you yourself have been playing a similar game throughout the entirety of what you perceive your life to be. You have been playing a game of believing that you are a human and that you are simply the physicality of your being.

Your entire physicality is sound waves projecting as light energy into this realm that you consider to be earth. And this planet has entered into a period of evolution where we began to wake up to this truth - the larger reality of who we are.

Life is Nothing But a Virtual Reality and You are the Creator 


There is nothing to fear, for this understanding is the most self-empowering understanding that you've yet to experience. 

When you understand and accept that you are energy, when you understand that you are living in a virtual reality, and that you created this virtual reality, you open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

And it is only until you make these perception shifts that the possibilities increase. 

Shift your perspective and shift your reality.

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Waking Up to Who You Are

The majority of the people on this planet now recognize that there is more to this thing we call life than what our textbooks and versions of history have been telling us. Life is so much more than what you have ever thought it to be. And you are more powerful than you have ever thought possible. This is the first of an on-going series that will focus on the topic of Waking Up.

Many people on this planet use the term Waking Up to describe various different boxes of thoughts and beliefs that they now hold as their truth. This term is used often in the metaphysical and spiritual communities as a way to explain to others that “I used to believe this, but now I see a larger picture and believe this”. Many in these communities also layout and offer to you a path to follow that they believe will allow you to reach an awakened and enlightened state. The paths offered and the boxes of belief systems available to you are infinite and choosing one can be extremely intimidating, leaving you with feelings of being small and feelings that this is a difficult thing to accomplish. 

You do not need to spend your days meditating to reach a larger understanding of what life is. Your emotions and feelings are your ultimate guide throughout your process of Waking Up. Listen to yourself, for you are the only one that has the answers for you. You have within you, every bit of knowledge and understanding that you will ever need or want. Actively use your intention to drive yourself along your path of waking up. It is through your intention that you attract to you the experiences that you desire. Ask yourself how you intend your processes to go and keep this intention strong and active in your mind – this will increase the power of your intention and you will find examples of how powerful you truly are. Example: I intend to attract to me exactly what is right for me in each moment. I intend to shift with ease and grace. I intend my process of waking up to be easy and fun.

We offer to you an opportunity at this moment to let go of any definition of the term Waking Up that you have taken on. Waking Up simply means that you are now more consciously aware of who you are than you had been. Waking Up is an on-going process of discovery and remembrance of who you are and what life is all about. Letting go of belief systems that you have taken on is all part of moving above and beyond what you have already learned – a stepping-stone. 

Every understanding is a stepping-stone throughout this journey of waking up to who you truly are. We are all energetically attracted to that which we resonate with, understand, and that which just makes sense to us. This in other words can be thought of as the stepping-stones you’re currently working with. Keeping this concept close to you throughout your waking up processes will help you to not get attached to belief systems and particular ways of doing things. 

Change is a constant in life and if we let go of the resistance towards growing we find ourselves pushing past, and moving forward beyond our current level of understanding. 

Every belief system is a stepping stone to a larger understanding and once you fully realize the magnitude of this statement, you will find yourself letting go of the ideas of one persons beliefs being more true than another. You are where you are on your path of understanding because you brought yourself here. Do you still resonate with the belief systems that you were given as a child or have you let many of them go and you now see a larger picture?

Some of the best advice that we can ever give to you is to take all of the information that you resonate with and throw the rest out. Resonation is a feeling of understanding, a feeling of “yes, that makes sense to me”. Taking in what resonates with you is part of using your feelings as a guide. Trust your feelings and use them to know what is best for you in the moment. 

Whether you consciously believe this yet or not, you are the creator of your experiences. You create every thought, every relationship, every experience you have in this life. If you don’t accept this as your truth yet, it is okay. Owning your power is like exercising a muscle – exercise your power and you find that it grows each time.

You are so much more than the physicality of your body. The physicality that you think of as yourself, your individuality, is a tiny blip on the screen of who you truly are. The physical world that you live in and that you believe surrounds you, is simply an experiential offering to experience yourself. 

You are everything in this universe and we are all one in the same. Everything is energy and the energy of Love and Unity is who you truly are - everything else is within Love and Unity. From a larger understanding, everything is Love. That which you refer to as life is an opportunity for you, Love Energy, to experience yourself. It is as simple as that but you must let go of your judgment, your beliefs in right and wrong, to even begin to understand this concept. 

This is just the beginning. You have only begun to remember.  

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