Duality is Ending & You Have a Choice


Everything is Possible & All Things Exist

What Possibilities Would You Like to Consciously Experience?


Duality is coming to a head and you have a choice. This entire life of yours you have been playing in a world of duality. You have been playing a game of experiencing Self.

You are everything and the game is duality - limitations and projections as to who you are.

I say game because there is nothing to learn, only remembrance of who you are and what is possible.

I say game rather than school because there is no energy in existence outside of duality that will judge you or tell you how to be.

Duality is a lower level of consciousness that can be thought of as a bit of a mind-trap. Duality is the misconception that life and all that exists, is limited to a certain duality of options. Black or White. Right or Wrong. Up or Down. Left or Right. Male or Female.

Life is so much more than what we have been thinking it to be. Welcome to the New Paradigm!

Every experience down to the smallest detail is depicted by your vibration - the intention that you hold and your vibrational attitude towards life.

Duality is ending and during this transition into a new, more expansive reality and options to be had, many extreme events will happen. This is nothing new, in fact the buildup to the end began some time ago and the magnitude will only increase...beyond what anyone thinks.

These extreme events are all over the map, literally and metaphorically. What you experience on an individual level and how you perceive these events, is entirely up to you but you must make the conscious choice, or be drifted away by the trajectory of your current reality, your current what is.

This is not about right or wrong.

When we let go of judgment, what remains is experiences.

What do you wish to experience?

Do you want to experience war, destruction and famine? Do you want to experience the collapse of society and life as you know it? Or would you like another option?

It is time to let go of your judgments towards yourself.

It is time to let go of unhealthy competition and comparison.

It is time to let go of the idea that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

For this is how you change your course away from the conscious experiencing of the most severe parts of duality - the most severe parts of Self.

When you perceive yourself with non-judgment you accept who you are. When you make yourself vulnerable you in essence, trust who you are. You truly have nothing to hide for you are everything, all there is.

I have been through much in my life so far. I have experienced childhood rape, incest, abuse, extreme acts of violence, adulatory, theft, addictions, disease, depression, anxiety, multiple attempts at suicide... I could go on but what is the point? My point is that I understand. I understand where you are coming from and I understand why it can seem so hard but it doesn't have to be and this is something I've learned along my path of healing.

My experiences lead me to the understanding that I am everything and everything includes Everything. Once you know this, really know this, everything becomes choice.

What do you want to experience?
This is the one question you should have ever present on your mind by now.

You have control over every aspect of your experiencing. You're just so used to thinking otherwise and you've forgotten. No big deal. Be easy on yourself. It's all part of the game, the game of ascending and evolving.

When you habitually focus on the news and media outlets, when you focus incessantly on social media like facebook and texting, when you have habits like this, you hold on to the what is and attach onto your current experiences. Sure these are all tools, but are you using the tools to hang on? It's time to let go of your tools from duality, most don't work anymore anyway.

Many events are playing out on your world stage at this time. The U.S. involvement in multiple wars all over the planet for instance. What this is, is an old power structure clinging to hold onto it's value and purpose of serving in the grand game that we're now exiting collectively and individually, one at a time.

This is not about right or wrong, this is about duality intensifying/ coming to an end and what you can do to affect it all, is to go inward and change yourself - find your balance, your peace, your inner knowing that all is well. Do this and shift into a parallel reality, a parallel reality where you're less effected by the transitions playing out on the world stage right Now.

The world is in a state of rebirth. When we think otherwise, this is due simply to our perceptions and our focus on the what is. You are a powerful being. You can change your focus. Promise.

When you change yourself you change your world. This phrase is nothing new to you I'm sure, but let me explain what it really means.

When you let go of the what is, when you release projections, and when you jump out of your boxes of limiting beliefs, you enter into a new world, a parallel reality.

This letting go can be as easy or as hard as you would like it to be. Many times I have gone through my own personal hell just to realize that what I got out of it, was super positive and valuable, including appreciation for what I experienced and why.

Be easy on yourself and find compassion in everything you do. It's okay if you have things to work on. Relax. We all do.

Jump into the flow and stay there. Being in the flow lets you manipulate time and space. The more you let go of duality, or rather the what is, the stronger your intention gets. And it is with your intention and vibrational attitude that you create all of your experiences down to the smallest details. This is Truth even if you don't fully understand how yet.

What would you like to experience? What kind of world would you like to live in?

Your entire reality can change in an instant if you so choose.

You live in a virtual reality simulation created with projections of light energy. You are not your physicality or your brain. You are the creator of everything running the show. And it is your incessant focus on one small slice of reality, one small slice of you, that keeps you where you are.

This is the truth and yet it is a steppingstone as well.

There are solutions to every perceived problem on this planet including your own.

What do you choose?

Much Love to You & Yours!

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