Let go of Resistance & Flow with the Universal River of Abundance 

Many of us think that to get from where we are to where we want to be, we need to go through our process. This process being the tried and true way to get through our vibrational dips. The processes we've always used while continuing to survive. This is my story of how I started to let my processes go. 

During the early part of my remembrance of who I am, my non-physical friends were helping me to realize that every part of the healing process is as easy or as hard as we want it to be. If we simply let go of resistance we can change our reality in an instant. But many of us insist on going through this, this, this, and that, before we allow ourselves the experience release. 

The magnitude of reliance on my old processes became clear one morning after doing energy work on myself the night prior. I came to a place within where I had let go of resistance of a relationships I had been attached to for many years of this lifetime, as well as many others. It took many years of thinking about, dwelling upon, reflecting upon, and then thinking some more, before I got to this point of surrender to my higher self.

During the energy work, I had cut cords and let go of thousands of lifetimes worth of energy I had been holding in various parts of my energy body. I pictured my hands in the air letting go of all resistance once and for all. I saw myself laying peacefully in space above the Earth. I saw myself cutting, removing, and dissolving millions of cords. I watched these cords detach and fade into nothingness. I felt masses drop out my back. As soon as I was done, I shuffled off to bed so as to not bring anything back from thinking... And in the morning, I was a brand new person, and that is an understatement. 

Above is but one experience of which I have many, that have resulted in huge strides forward by simply letting go of my process. This way of thinking, the ideas that we must go through a process comes from taking on social programing, projections, and others beliefs. Accepting where your processes come from is the first step in changing your patterns. The idea that you must do things one particular way in order to move forward is a limiting belief system and beliefs are simply thoughts you keep thinking. 

You are so much more powerful than you have ever imagined and your power comes from choice.

From a higher perspective, no drama is required, no process necessary. Do what feels good to you, and when you are ready to let go, know that it can be easy. In fact you may find out that letting go of resistance is much easier than holding onto what troubled you for so long. But then again, this is all simply an experience - be easy on yourself.