Fuck Christmas

According to the Bible itself, Christ wasn't even born in the winter.

According to the Bible itself, Christ wasn't even born in the winter.

Fuck Christmas!

Isn’t it interesting that one particular day out of the calendar can be so intense, can bring so much contrast to so many, can separate us so clearly between the have’s and the have-nots. Isn’t it interesting that we have been conditioned to compare ourselves to the ‘others’ we perceive in our lives, specifically so intensely on this one particular day of the year. And isn’t it weird that those who don’t fit into the mold of what is acceptable tend to hide in the shadows specifically on this day each year.

This is for those not-having-a-blast today. Enough gas lighting, enough throwing fake happiness down your throat.  I’d rather validate your experience, accept you and love you unconditionally right here right now.

In Western Culture most of us are conditioned to believe the following (as well as much more) around this particular day:

1. You should be with your family, regardless of if you even like them, regardless of if you get along with them even if you have nothing in common other than your blood. Fuck that! Do what resonates.

2. You should be buying and giving meaningful and valuable presents to those you have relationships with. Some take this even further and feel pressure, the expectation to give to those who they don’t necessarily care that much for but are simply around them such as work colleagues, etc..  Fuck that! Do what resonates.

3. For many people this is the one day out of the year that they actually go to church, not because their heart believes in it but because deep down, they feel guilt, they feel that mind-programing kick in referred to as Sin and Shame.  Fuck that! Do what you want. God is Love, not hate.

4. You should be giving to that so-called charity that stands outside the corporate retailers door begging for, expecting your change or loose bills you might have hanging around. Some even feel the projection of sham and guilt as they walk by these beggars. These people tend to avoid eye-contact, go in the side door, hurry by and pretend they don’t notice that loud annoying bell. This projected shame is a tactic that triggers the mind control programming within and the person experiences the feelings of shame, guilt, selfishness, etc.. This is mind-control 101 and these organizations consciously use these tactics because they know they work, on most anyway. Fuck the system, follow your bliss.

5. You should be in a loving relationship spending Christmas morning with your sweetheart and if you’re not, you suck at life and should feel like a shitty person. Fuck that bull shit projection and focus on your relationship to Self.

6. And then there are the people with kids who live at the lower end of the economic scale. These people often beat themselves up repeatedly, viciously, sometimes daily for months prior to this particular day, once a year. They fall into the projections listed above (and more), the programming and conditioning of expectations that they find so hard, sometimes impossible to meet. I’ve watched this play out with many people over the years. These in my mind are the worse off at this time of year. Parents who cannot meet the expectations of this one particular day that the handlers of society have co-opted with materialism, comparison and shame. Fuck that too. It’s all bull shit.

While I know how to and do consciously tap into the many benefits of this time of year, I don’t ‘celebrate’ Christmas and I haven’t for years. I’m not a religious person and I haven’t been since I was a kid. I do however, have a connection to the energy that is Christ that most religious people don’t. And this energy has nothing to do with Christmas, in fact these are all made up cultural stories most have bought into for many hundreds of years. These stories were concocted, in my opinion and perspective as a way to distract us from the real tangible, universal system that is turning it’s gears.

The Solstice is what we’re being distracted from. We’re being distracted from universal upgrades to our consciousness and soul that are intensely available to all during this period of our year. Most miss these opportunities of easeful upgrades to your energy because they’re stuck in their programing that triggers expectations and fear.

Growing up in this world this time around, I chose the path of entering into a family deep in poverty. My soul chose this on purpose for many reasons that I won’t lay out here. Christmas when you’re poor can be and many times was for me growing up, the most depressing, the most emotional day of the year. And then there was going back to school the following week where all your peers are focused squarely on comparing what each other got. Wow. This totally sucks as a poor kid.

Why do we do this to ourselves?
Why do we fall for this trap of comparison, materialism and projections of expectations and sham?

We do it because we’re still finding our true meaning, our true value.
We do it because we naturally want to belong, want to fit in and we don’t. We don’t fit in with this dynamic because we know deep down it’s all a lie, it’s fake. And most powerful of all, we’re here to change it.

Being authentic is one of the most powerful tools you can ever harness in your life. And when we are authentic and allow, we allow others to show up who resonate with the same. We create a new tribe and we leave an old fake world behind.

Today is Monday. It’s the last Monday of this year and it’s just another day.

You have options. If you’re depressed right now, I suggest you find something to get mad about. Why? Because anger feels better than hopelessness and despair. For within that space of anger you find more power and take it from there.

Reaching for anger while in depression brings you to a place where you feel relief. You let go of the hopelessness and you channel your power through choice. Now after this release is experienced through the choice of anger, you now have more options to take it a step further. The key is to keep going and not fall into the trap that anger offers.

Experience your release and find your peace. It is all possible for you right here right now however it is a choice you must make.

The first step in moving forward is accepting that all of it is a lie. Allow this validation I offer of your experiences and know you are never alone.

I love you. I see you for who you truly are, a Divine Being having a human experience. You’ve never done anything wrong, you are not broken and you are Loved for who you are.

Have a great Monday!