Living Your Purpose & The Money Challenge

Living your purpose as a spiritual person is not an intellectual process or understanding. It’s not a linear path you walk down, the path has many twists and turns and can be confusing as fu** to your linear, logical, left brain mind. This path involves loosing your mind, it involves “going crazy” from the perceptual lens of conventional old paradigm ways of thinking and believing what life is, who we are and what we’re doing here in this physical reality.

The ancient Mayan culture made many predictions about our current time that have and continue to come to fruition. These evolved peoples, not from Earth, predicted that the time we now find ourselves in, will be a transitional phase from the Age of the Mind, to the Age of Intuition. I have been actively moving through this transitional phase for years now. …I’ve been loosing my mind more and more. It’s been a wild ride and very few “get it”…currently that is (one of the reasons why I share so much about my path with you).

My individual self is someone who’s built a large intellect for himself in this life. I’m someone who’s active mind has brought much understandings and has served me well. I’m one of those people who if I allow myself to, can run circles around just about any big picture topic in life and part of my path now, has been to let this go. It’s a process and it’s working.

We are moving into the Age of Intuition and life is asking us to learn how to and to embody Trust. Trust in the process, Trust in life, Trust in our higher, more evolved self leading the way. We’re being asked to let go. We’re being asked to surrender to our higher-selves. We’re being asked to tune into and allow our more evolved self to come forward and to integrate more and more each day.

When we embody Trust in life, when we embrace our intuitive self, we no longer see our mind as the basis of our reality and we begin to see it as simply another tool in our handbag. Our minds are very powerful tools and we can easily get lost in them when we forget who we truly are. Our intuition on the other hand is a tool we must nurture and learn to Trust. For when we live life through our intuition, when we listen, when we act on inspiration, we can never go wrong.

Our minds want to tell us that if we do “A”, the result will be “B” and we’re all so used to living this way of conditions and logical expectations that sometimes we find ourselves judging intuitive guidance.

Intuition is not the mind and we cannot expect it to work the same way. When we fully jump in and embrace our life purpose, even if we don’t know details yet, we learn to follow our own guidance, we learn to Trust in life and we learn that by doing so, everything we will ever need to live this purpose of ours, always shows up the moment we need it to keep moving forward. Trusting our intuition on a moment by moment basis, regardless of what shows up, is “how” we live a life of higher-purpose and we can never get it wrong.

I’m going to break some news to many of you right now and this is regarding the tool of money while on this path. That’s right, money is a tool and it’s a perfect tool to learn and grow with while on this type of path. There’s probably more ridiculous beliefs about this particular tool than any other in the physical world. For instance, money being the root of all evil or that because you don’t currently have x amount of cash in your pocket, you’re not worthy of x, y and z. Touché dark-workers! Powerful pieces of mind control there and these beliefs which are deeply embedded into most of humanity, couldn’t be further from the Truth.

I used to make “really good money”. I was so good at making money in my teens and twenties that from an old paradigm perceptual lens, I was light years beyond any of my friends back then, these friends who all have college degrees - something I’ve never resonated with as part of my path in this life. These same friends who are all still slaving away at careers they don’t particularly care for, all the while I’m living a life of more freedom and clarity and abundance than most can even imagine.  

Wealth, abundance and money are not the same things. Wealth is a mindset. Abundance is just what is, it’s life, it’s nature, it’s our natural state, it’s the essence of who we are. And money is a tool of exchange. I love how Bashar explains the definition of abundance: The knowing that everything shows up for you when you need it. Boom! Now that is Truth and this is how I live my life.

If life was to give to you everything you ever needed to live your purpose and it all came to you through gifts from the people closest to you in your life, would you be satisfied? Could you accept this? Or would you still judge yourself because you’re seemingly not “independent” or “doing it alone”?

This is exactly the setup my higher-self chose for my path and it’s brought many challenges to me that I continue to transcend. Touché higher-self! You always know exactly what I need to continue my own growth and success with my life mission.

So easily and quick to judge are most of us when we look at a “light worker” following their path all the while being seemingly “broke” but happy. Here’s some more news for ya.. “Being broke” is a gift to these people. It’s integral to their path and it only pushes them to FULLY embrace their purpose.

For many out there including myself, the path involves money challenges like this and it’s for a big purpose. If we can prove to ourselves that we are and will stay in our purpose regardless of what shows up, money struggle and all, through thick and thin, when we find ways to make things work, to be of Service to the World regardless, when we own our Worth as the Divine beings we all are, when we learn to release the martyr and embrace the creator within us, when we embrace our power regardless of what shows up, we eventually prove to ourselves one thing - that we are here to complete our mission and absolutely nothing is going to or can stop us. And this is why. This is why many of us choose this particular obstacle course.

Those who are listening right now that resonate, I say to you, Trust. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes multiple reasons. Trust. Prove to yourself that you are fully in-it and here to stay, on your path, living your purpose and completing your missions. And guess what? When we get to this place….magic happens.


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