Homelessness - Mind Control & Brainwashing

Mind Control & Brainwashing - is a real thing in the United States and elsewhere.

If you find the photo to the right funny (in a judgment kind of funny way, e.g., sarcasm), you've been brainwashed. You've fallen into shame of self and you have issues believing in false realities that don't truly exist. Your current beliefs are a false story you took on in the old paradigm.
You're in a mind-trap helmet that you put on years/decades ago - a mind-trap you can jump out of should you choose to use your keys.

 Image Found on facebook

Image Found on facebook

You hold keys to the universe, for you are me, I am you, We Are One, and this lifetime offers much opportunity for the release of these judgements you’ve taken on while playing in this earthly plain.

The most powerful key you hold, is compassion.

Compassion for self & empathy for others.

Including those who are different from you.
Including those parts of you you shame and fight.

Did you know that shame is something that is taught?
*Absolutely ZERO babies are born each year with shame or judgement towards self or others*
Did you know you can re-train any of your beliefs including shame? Including judgement?

Doesn’t matter what you believe today, you can change it.
Your brain, your mind is malleable…and people who are in-the-know are VERY aware of this and have taught themselves tools on how to manipulate the brain/mind on a mass scale. This is a huge theme we as humanity are growing through right Now.

We are collectively breaking through to the other side and typical social behavior (in the old paradigm) says that the Cult will fight the ones seeking Freedom, wanting to leave the limitations of the old model.

Are you fighting or Loving those choosing Freedom?

Secret black-box projects “testing” mind-control techniques on the populace of North America and elsewhere is a real thing and it’s been going on since before the days of Hitler. Yep.

If you’re new to this info, just know that Love is the strongest force in existence and Love Truly Does Win in the end, Always.

Your Most Powerful Tools in This Lifetime:

Some would think that just getting a job would solve all, correct? ...Couldn't be farther from the truth, maybe some old truth for generations past - for a time period in the past, however this is not the case in the Now world we live in. Read the facebook post from Traci Schloss Brown below for more on that...

Excerpt from Facebook regarding the image above:

Traci Schloss Brown
September 18 at 9:17pm · Springfield, MO ·

I've been waiting to comment on this picture that has been shared with the intent being humorous and probably spurred by some underlying frustration. Today is the day to serve up a little reality. Here are my questions for the Walmart guy: 1) Will you hire him if he doesn't pass a background check or has committed a felony? 2) Will you provide him clothes to work in and when those get dirty will you help him get them washed or do you think that first paycheck will pay for an apartment, utilities, appliances, and laundry detergent? 3) Will you immediately pay for any healthcare including mental healthcare he needs? With medications? 4) Will you keep him as an employee if he has an exacerbation of PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, or anything else while at work? 5) Will you have someone watch his only earthly possessions while he is working so no one steals them? 6) Will you provide childcare or transportation or a bed for a good night's sleep or food to sustain him while he works? (I could go on...) Maybe the answers are "yes." If so, kudos to you and I will be bringing a large number of friends to apply for every opening you have. If not, hmmmm.... the "just get a freaking job" argument is not so easy to quip, is it? Many of those who are homeless do work or want to work. Many can't. It is truly not a simple fix. Judging them helps in no way at all! Some homeless hold signs... One of the reasons is because people don't talk to them. (I am fully aware there are bogus people out there plying on sympathies who hold signs and don't have legitimate needs.... I actually don't advocate for giving cash to those "flying signs.") My point is, "just get a damn job" is not simple. Please take some time to understand some of the most devastating underlying issues. These are people with feelings and worth. Please treat them like it!!

The points above a valid however, I will speak to the larger picture here at play however, and that is Love of Self during these times of transition and rapid ascension here on this planet.

Are you aware of the mass migration happening here in the United States and elsewhere? People everywhere, mostly young people, are choosing Freedom. Freedom from the slavery of the old paradigm, Freedom from an old system that only ever worked for the few and not the whole. Freedom from the lies we’ve all taken on that say, if you just follow this narrow path, you will get your “American Dream”. It’s a lie. It’s bullshit. And if you believe it’s not, well you’re probably someone who’s old enough to take advantage of a system that used to work for more people than it currently does (you’re probably an old white man too…with a pension). Either that or you hate yourself and choose to punish yourself regularly, whether unconsciously or not..

If you or someone you know has chosen the bravery of stepping out into the wilderness of possibilities for their life, if someone you know has decided that the status quo is not good enough for them, if you know or come across anyone who has chosen to break-free from the old slavery structure, YOU have the opportunity right Now to celebrate their bravery, their love-for-self and following their own bliss of not conforming to a dying model.

The old model of creation is a model of slavery and if you’ve yet to recognize this, you too are most likely still participating as a slave to the old dying system.

Paid slavery is a real thing and you can think of this as unhealthy/unbalanced capitalism. Capitalism isn’t a “bad” thing, it’s just that capitalism, in order to work for all, needs to be integrated with other models such as socialism. Neither work successfully on their own, however for instance, when you combine Capitalism with another model such as Socialism you get the ingenuity and healthy competition that capitalism encourages along with the Love of the whole that comes through Socialism.

Pigeonholing either doesn’t work and all you’ll get if you do this is a mirror. A mirror of your own ignorance.

Integration of all the useful and healthy parts of all models into a cohesive whole that offers Freedom & Love is the ticket.

Celebrating diversity and Integration is the New Model.

An integration of the whole is where we’re headed and it is you, on an individual level who hurries this along with your own personal growth and furthering your Love towards self. You do not need to change or desire change from anyone but You. It’s how this accession thing works. If you desire a world full of Love, work on yourself Dear One. Love yourself fully.

A mass-migration of people choosing to leave their jobs, to leave their relationships, to leave their old friends and sometimes family, is here Now. And this trend will only increase in the coming months and years. These people, these souls in human bodies are Awakening. Awakening to the truth of who they are and the Truth of how we consciously create in this physical reality we call life.

These people are not bums, they are not lazy, and they are most likely more in-tune with themselves than you, if your someone who’s habit response to them is anything but Love.

These people are releasing old habits of creating unconsciously and moving into conscious, aware & awake creation. They’re in transition to a new way of creating. They’re different, and you shaming them is only a mirror of your hatred and judgment towards self. -something taught in the old paradigm of mind-control.

These people are saying Yes to Freedom. And they are this way because they have realized the false reality offered by society and they’re choosing Truth. They’re choosing Freedom, regardless of what anyone thinks or believes their doing.

These people are some of the bravest souls on this planet right now and they are actively changing this reality we co-create together through our thoughts, emotions, and choices.

Upon awakening to the truth of the old paradigm, most people choose Authenticity and Integrity above all else. For many would rather die and start over again with a new body, rather than continue perpetuating the old false reality. And this is why many souls whom are awakening right now, find themselves without a home.

What do you choose to celebrate and further perpetuate with your powerful energy, focus, attention ad awareness?

The choice is always yours, for you are The Creator of Your Reality, whether you know/ and or believe this to be truth yet.

So, instead of berating and making an awakening soul “wrong”, how about love them and hold space for them and the Right-of-Passage they are moving through currently. Support them, encourage their bad-ass, brave selves. They will find their way, and they don’t need you to rescue them. They’re just fine. Love them for who they are. And help them when they ask, when you can. Love.

So what if you’ve never ran a marathon, you can be happy for someone who just completed their first, right?